ExceptionTracker is social media brought to software errors.  When users receive an error they are presented with the most successful and helpful information known about the error.  Users can add their own information or vode for information that was useful for them. 

Programming around errors becomes simpler for software developers, with example code to copy-and-paste directly into software.  Software can be ExceptionTracker enabled within minutes.  Immediately your software gains access to the full repsitory of known operating system other common errors.  As errors occur detailed program, system and information are recorded.  Developers can track comon and trending errors, monitor the success of fixes and can interact with users receiving errors.  The way software reacts when an error occurs can be updated at any time without a need to change the software.

ExceptionTracker is just getting started.  At this stage we are interested in beta testers to help with the testing process.  

To apply, please fill out the form below.